Zebra ZD611 and ZD411: A Complete Overview

Posted by ARROWHEAD CORP on 6th Sep 2022

  • •8 or 6 inches per second print speeds with 203 or 300 dpi quality
  • •4-inch or 2-inch premium desktop printing in a compact footprint
  • •Flawless high-speed and all-day printing with the industry’s best durability
  • •USB 2.0, USB Host, Bluetooth LE, Serial, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi connection options
  • •An at-a-glance 4.3-inch color LCD display (ZD611) with five easy-to-read status icons
  • •An extremely simple interface, setup, operation and management

Future-Proof Upgradeability

With Zebra’s new ZD611 and ZD411 printers and these specs, you get outstanding performance over a much longer life than other hardware, but Zebra has taken things even further by making these devices upgradeable and adaptable in the field. This way, you can upgrade your wireless connectivity or add media handling options in the future, and you can do it without having to buy a new device or take your printer out of service and ship it to a facility for an upgrade.

For example, you might start by using simple USB 2.0 or USB Host connectivity, but you can later install Ethernet 10/100, Serial RS-232 auto-sensing, or wireless dual radio communications including 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It’s up to you which communication methods you choose when you purchase your device, but as your communication needs change, you can upgrade your device right away.

Similarly, you can start by buying a device with a label dispenser/peeler if you need one, or you can just start with more basic features and later install a dispenser/peeler and/or cutter in the field. This kind of adaptability and flexibility means you can potentially add years of additional life and usability to your device, which means more value and better return on your investment.

The Latest Security for Unmatched Protection

Importantly, Zebra’s ZD611 and ZD411 printers also come with the latest next-generation printer security, which is increasingly crucial at a time when endpoints such as printers have become one of the top targets of emerging cyberattacks. Zebra’s PrintSecure tools protect your device against unauthorized access and cyberattacks, and its utilities and options allow you to easily configure your printer to use encryption and maximum security to help keep your device, connections, and data safe. And Zebra regularly releases security and firmware updates that are easy to install, so you can continue to keep your device protected.

Intuitive and Easy Printer Management

When it comes time to install, update or manage your devices, Zebra has made this incredibly easy through extremely simple yet powerful centralized device management using Zebra’s Link-OS™ printer operating system. Plus, there’s compatibility with SOTI and AirWatch device management software.

With Link-OS, you can manage all your networked Zebra printers remotely, via the secure cloud, with the ability to check status, perform installations, and perform firmware or security updates across your entire fleet of printers, all through a single pane of glass.

Zebra ZD611 and ZD411 printers are available in direct thermal, thermal transfer, ribbon cartridge and RFID models, and there are even disinfectant-ready models with housings designed specifically for healthcare environments. So, there’s ultimately a model and a feature set to match virtually any use case for now, while giving you the flexibility and ability to upgrade your device in the field should you ever need to add supported capabilities.

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