RFID with Xemelgo

RFID with Xemelgo

The Xemelgo suite of apps was developed with manufacturers for manufacturers. In a few short hours we can transform your facility into a Smart Factory. Our sensors monitor your inventory levels, work orders, and assets. And, our app provides 24/7 visibility to your operation from anywhere in the world.



Raw Materials &
Finished Goods:

Xemelgo enables "grab & go" for raw materials and finished goods. Team members can simply grab what they need. Xemelgo uses low-cost sensors to continuously monitor inventory levels. The app alerts you in real-time when inventory levels run low, or when items are nearing expiration. Xemelgo's machine learning algorithm is also able to recommend how much of an item to reorder to get back to optimal levels. Xemelgo also enables instant cycle counting via a handheld scanner.

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Work Order Tracking:

Xemelgo enables "Google Maps" style capabilities for your production line. Xemelgo uses low-cost sensors to track orders as they move through different work cells and departments. The app alerts you in real-time as bottlenecks develop, of if a hot order is sitting in one department for too long. Need to know the status of a specific order? Simply pull out your mobile device, type in the order number, and get a real-time live status update of where the order is in the production process.

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Asset Tracking

Xemelgo enables "Find my iPhone" style capabilities for the assets that float around your facility and company. Xemelgo is able to track calibrated equipment, chemicals, blueprints, carts, and many other important items. The app alerts you when tools require calibration, chemicals are expiring, or if a tool is leaving it's "home base". Xemelgo also offers a handheld scanner that can be used to rapidly find the "needle in the haystack" when you have many items that look the same.

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Shipment Tracking:

Xemelgo enables "Door Dash" style capabilities for work orders and parts that flow between facilities. Xemelgo uses low-cost sensors to track exactly what left one facility, and what arrived at the destination. The app alerts you in real-time if orders are incomplete or if they ship out the wrong dock door. Xemelgo also ensure that the complete order arrives at the destination.

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