RFID with Xemelgo


Radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions have been around for decades. But they’ve often been too complex, too expensive, or too inflexible to deliver on the promise of automated data capture.

Today, Arrowhead and Xemelgo are partnering to deliver next generation RFID solutions. Cloud-based applications dramatically simplify deployment and reduce costs to put powerful solutions within reach of any business that’s hungry for more data, greater accuracy, and increased efficiency.


RFID was complex, expensive and time-consuming, with no option for cloud-based solutions.

  • Projects required expensive custom software
  • It could take 6 to 9 months just to begin testing a working solution
  • IT infrastructure had to be purchased, deployed, managed and secured on-site
  • Software had to be regularly patched, upgraded and maintained with on-site resources
  • Point-in-time software solutions lacked flexible support for new features or security enhancements
  • Lack of mobile applications limited end-user access to information


Affordable turnkey Arrowhead solutions powered by Xemelgo can be up and running in one day.

  • Rapid deployment dramatically shortens time-to-value
  • Turnkey solutions cost less than custom software projects
  • Cloud-based SaaS solutions eliminate expensive IT infrastructure
  • Affordable monthly subscriptions replace costly upfront software development
  • Cloud-based applications regularly provide new features and enhanced security
  • Turnkey mobile apps allow 24/7 smartphone access to critical information

The New RFID Value Equation powered by Xemelgo


Pay as you go with easy-to-connect software tools


24/7/365 access to critical information from any mobile device


IoT-enabled RFID readers feed data to cloud-based solutions


AI automatically alerts you to emerging issues

Field Proven RFID Technology

Arrowhead can help you choose RFID products that deliver best-in-class performance and value.

Zebra RFID Labels and Tags

Zebra in-stock and custom RFID labels and tags offer the right materials and adhesives, along with high-performance inlays and chips for any application.

Zebra RFID Printers

With the industry’s widest range of desktop, mobile and industrial RFID-enabled printers, Zebra makes it easy to accurately print and encode labels for any application.

Zebra Handheld RFID Readers and Scanners

Zebra's portfolio of handheld RAIN RFID readers and RFID-enabled scanners includes devices for any application or environment.

Zebra Fixed RFID Readers and Infrastructure

Simplify inventory management and achieve maximum asset visibility throughout your entire enterprise with Zebra's fixed readers.

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Arrowhead is a Zebra Technologies Premier Solution Partner as well as a Zebra Printer Repair Specialist.

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RFID with Xemelgo

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