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27th Feb 2014

We are in an age where everything can be done on the go. You name it - printing, scanning, invoicing, and more. In order to use your mobile device to it's utmost capability, you want to make sure it can do it all. Companies such as Socket, Infinite Peripherals, and Honeywell have made it possible for you to be able to scan 1D barcodes, scan 2D barcodes, and capture card information straight to your iOS device or Android device. There are a few pros and cons to each of these brand of scanners. For the lowest cost and minimal  effort, you can plug and play with the Socket CHS 8Ci Scanner. This scanner is a small, approximately 2"x3" scanner that attached to a Socket clip made for whatever device you have. It isn't very rugged or durable, but is definitely the simplest solution. Another quality scanner is the Honeywell Captuvo. Honeywell provides quality service and products - exactly what you should expect from the Honeywell name. The Captuvo has a few different models that can capture 1D/2D barcodes as well as magnetic stripes. Unfortunately, the Captuvo requires you to have the SDK in the application in order for you to use it. Thus, if you are building your own App you need to get the SDK from Honeywell or make sure the application you have in mind has this SDK built-in. The most popular scanner at this point in time is the Infinite Peripheral's scanners - the Linea Pro for iPods/iPhones and the Infinea Tab for iPads. Like the Captuvo, this scanner can read barcodes as well as magnetic stripes depending on the model you purchase. Also, it requires the Infinite SDK built -in order to use this scanner. All in all, there is a scanner to fit your need based on your budget, application, and goals. If you have any questions on what scanner is best fit for you, please feel free to submit a Contact Form or give us a call at 480-282-5233.