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IQ Reseller

"Our goal is to make the IT reseller industry more profitable."



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Products Offered:

  • IQ Reseller eStore
  • ITAD
  • IT Reseller Maxlist
  • IQ Resller Ship


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IQ reseller Ultimate Inventory

  • Individualized inventory: 100% control over each serialized item for recording notes, condition, location, other attributes, purchase rep ID and actual cost.
  • Configure or repair items: Remove or add parts; then transfer value with audit trails.
  • Integration: System integrates wholesale and retail databases with bidirectional, real-time updates.
  • Substitute product references: Cross reference different manufacturer part numbers for the same item (HP has “spares” part numbers, IBM has “FRUs”, etc.).
  • Inventory whitepaper
  • Warehouse scanning whitepaper


  • Viewpurchase and sales history for every item to price quickly and profitably.
  • Show list price, discount from list, images and item attributes.
  • Quote items not in the master item list.
  • One-click conversions to sales.

Sales and purchase order entry

  • Viewpurchase and sales history for every item to price quickly and profitably.
  • Copy sales order to multiple purchase orders for fulfillment; and maintain links between orders.
  • Copy repeat sales orders.
  • Reserve in-transit or on-hand inventory for sales order.
  • Sales Compensation Whitepaper

Comprehensive workflow

  • Proven workflow based on experience with 1500 IQ reseller users.
  • Configure workflow to meet unique company requirements.
  • Many customer-configurable fields in each module.

Accounting options

  • IQ reseller Accounting: IT reseller-focused accounting.
  • QuickBooks integration: Real-time financial updates.
  • Integration API: An API available for a variety of accounting programs

CLEI and HECI linkages: Cross references available for telecom equipment.

Optional Modules (extra cost)

  • IQ reseller Maxlist: Expose your inventory to over 10,000 resellers worldwide.
  • IQ reseller Ship: Schedule and process shipments with FedEx, UPS, DHL and USPS.
  • IQ reseller eStore integration:Connect your inventory and database to your e-commerce store.
  • IQ reseller ITAD:Process and remarket smartphones, notebooks and servers.