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GoZebra Trade in Program


By Purchasing a New Zebra printer, you are eligible to trade in your existing printer for rebate.  Below are the rebate amounts according to what replacement unit you purchase. Please mention this to your arrowhead account rep to get this rebate!


170Xi4TM, 220Xi4TM, 110PAX4TM, 170PAX4TM, R110PAX4TM, and ZE500TM


110Xi4TM, 140Xi4TM, and R110Xi4TM


105SLPlusTM, RZ400TM, RZ600TM, ZM400TM, and ZM600TM


QL 420 PlusTM, QLn220TM, QLn320TM, RW 420TM, and RW 420TM Print Station


iMZ220TM, iMZ320TM, P4TTM, RP4TTM, S4MTM, ZT220TM, and ZT230TM



ZXP Series 7TM Dual- Sided Laminator and ZXP Series 8TM Dual- Sided Laminator


ZXP Series 8TM Dual-Sided


ZXP Series 7TM Single- Sided Laminator and ZXP Series 8TM Single- Sided Laminator


ZXP Series 7TM Dual-Sided


ZXP Series 8TM Single- Sided and P430iTM


ZXP Series 7TM Single-Sided




ZXP Series 3TM Dual-Sided


ZXP Series 3TM Single-Sided