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Zebra Printers Are Now OSX/ MAC Compatible

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After some hard work from those at Arrowhead Corp, zebrasetuputil is now up and running on the Apple® App Store. This new app, zebrasetuputil, modifies the configuration parameters from your Apple® OSX device so you can easily print to Zebra printers. Prior to this application printing wasn’t possible because of the different parameters associated with Apple® devices and the inability for them to be configured to Zebra printers. Now, everyone is capable of using the high quality printers associated with the Zebra name thanks to this new app. 

High-Quality: zebrasetuputil the CPCL & ZPL languages. This utility features two ways to change the configuration: exporting a .sgd configuration file to the printer or manually setting a parameter right from the utility. This utility has no limitations as you can program any commands inside the CPCL or ZPL programming guide.

Key Features: Standard features of the Zebra printers are now compatible with the Apple® operating system. 

To view more information on this app, check out the App Store or Arrowhead’s website.

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